Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lucille's Family Comes to Town

Who knew?

When I first introduced you to Lucille (Lucy), I had no idea that she had so gosh-darn many siblings.

Ping. Ping. Pong! They have began multiplying like rabbits. It seems that no sooner had one found it's way into my home, another one would appear in my lap.

Much to my surprise, I soon had a whole gathering of Lucy's sisters staring at me in wonder.

They were quite giddy to be visiting and so excited to have a new, cozy place to stay.

They were oh so sweet.

They didn't take up much space.

They were as quiet as a mouse.

They were all wonderfully unique.

Yet they did have a peculiar family resemblance.

They all had their ears precisely placed - but, my, look at how this one's ears form a heart. You gotta love that!

They were initially shy, but extremely helpful...well, in certain situations.

When retiring for the night, they didn't fight for the best spot in the bed or the covers. (Although I did hear one quietly mumble something about having to get out quickly to go to the bathroom.)

Gosh - I don't know for sure how many more family members Lucy has - but I have a feeling that their family reunions are going to require a lot of hotdish and jello!


  1. Lucy has a lot of very cute cousins! Absolutely adorable and such a cute blog post to boot! Good luck with selling them!

  2. Oh, so adorable!!! I quickly spotted your clever use of felted sweater seams - those are the best! Thanks for the continue inspiration!!

  3. Thanks so much! They are a bit silly - but fun. Such a goofy little look on their faces. :-)