Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Post

I've found a new blog that I really like.  Well, actually, she found me - but I'm so glad she did!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that The Ivy Twines would be doing a product review for me. I believe it will be posted tomorrow. (I'll link to it if it is.) 

Bethany (from The Ivy Twines) will be doing the product review. In preparation for "the big event", one of my little red chickens hopped a flight allllll the way to Montana to make a new home with Bethany and her family.  Bethany reported that the flight went well and miss chicken (I'm not sure if she's gotten a new, adopted name yet) has been busy getting settled in. She even survived an afternoon photo shoot to get ready for the blog post!

I'm SO anxious for the review and to see miss chicken in her new surroundings! the meantime, I wanted to share Bethany's post from today. I love how she communicates the messages and wholeheartedly agree with her!

Check it out here:

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