Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweater Basket to Metal Bucket

Sometimes projects don't work out as we plan.

I had a very big, thick, cream-colored, felted wool sweater that I thought would make a great basket. With the thickness of the sweater (you know how some sweaters are extra thick?), and the richness of the cream color, it would be indeed beautiful and quite useful. 

As I was making the basket, I thought - oh wouldn't it be shabby chic wonderful - if I added a cream-colored ruffle with some lightweight wool I saw hanging out of one of my wool bins. I envisioned a gorgeous, to-die-for, piece.

After a bit of excited sewing, I finished the project.  Huh. Not quite what I had planned. My regret (other than making the basket!) is that I didn't snap a photo of the completed piece. Let's just say that instead of a shabby chic-rich-and-elegant wool basket, I ended up with the perfect albino Mad Hatter hat.

It was horrible. Well, actually quite humorous - especially when I tried it on as a hat and it hung down over my eyes. But certainly not what I had any need for. (Clue: Maybe that's why I neglected to take a photo.)

So I quickly ripped the ruffle off, folded down the top cuff of the sweater basket, and ended up with this little ditty.

Then I took the ruffle and added it to an old bucket that I had previously spray painted. It's now holding more clothespins patiently waiting to be covered in wool.

While neither of them are super great, I think they both worked out for the better. Much better, anyway, than the albino hat.

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