Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'll Take a Snapple, Please

When my son and girlfriend came home for spring break, they blessed me with more bottle caps - which included Snapple caps. I decided to try something new with them this time (instead of pounding the dickins out of them and making buttons.).

Let's see....what should I use them for? Well, I could always make some little pin cushions.

Huh. One would think that I have made enough pin cushions to last from my wooly back door to eternity - but maybe not!  Pin cushions it is! 

First I spray paint. You know the drill - one coat of primer and then the color. I chose pink for a nice, pastel, springy look. (Sorry - bad indoor lighting alert for the first two photos.)

Next I prepare the "poofs". I use a light weight, creamy white wool. They are cut, stuffed, and stitched shut. (I'm not sure what they remind me of in this photo...either mushroom tops or matzo balls getting ready for their soup!)

Next I stitch on a soft pink flower with a purple center and accent it with clear seed beads. I then use my handy-dandy glue-all-glue and glue the poofs into the bottle caps while concealing the bottom of the poof stitching. The final product is approximately 3" tall by 3" wide.

The last step is to photograph and post on my Etsy page. Check. Done. :-)

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