Monday, March 21, 2011

I Can Drive...Seventy-Five

NOTE: So sorry - but you know that song that goes like this: "I can't drive 55"? For some reason, it popped in my head while writing this - and now after reading my post headline,  I hope it's stuck in yours! Ha!  :-)


Oh boy, I'm getting excited.

It's moving. It's slowing the right direction.

Is it my weight?  Ha - no!  Is it my year-to-clear organization? Ha - no!  Is it the odometer on my van? Ha - no!

Can't stand the suspense any longer?  It's the number of sales I've had since I starting selling on Etsy! 

Do you believe it? I'm up to 75 sales! Now, I suppose to some, that may not seem like a lot, but to little-ole-me, it's great! 

So, I just made my 75th sale this weekend.'s quite exciting - and makes me feel like I'm really moving in the right direction with my wool. How fun!

I'm so hoop-la'd about it - that when I have my 100th sale - I'm going to offer a fun give-away on my blog. I don't know what it will be yet - but I promise to make it something fun!  Don't worry...other than me...and my dog,'ll be the first to hear the details.  Whooo Hooo! Stay tuned!

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