Sunday, January 29, 2012

Living in a Snowflake

Tales are told of the Christmas-loving Who's living in WhoVille - way deep inside a wonderful little snowflake.

Hmmm....I wonder "who" could be living in the ones I caught on this felted heart? Look you see any signs of life? (If you click on the photo, it will enlarge your view. I think it's much easier to see all the tiny Who's that way.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Peanut Butter Day

January 24, 2012 is...
Taken from
National Peanut Butter Day
*It’s National Peanut Butter Day! Peanut butter is a staple in over 90% of American households and the average person consumes more than six pounds of peanut products each year. Women and children prefer creamy peanut butter, while most men go for the chunky variety. 
*A doctor in St. Louis created peanut butter in 1890 as a remedy for bad teeth. It became very popular with the doctor's patients, but the oil often separated from the grainy solids. In 1933, a California packer was able to homogenize the peanuts into a spreadable butter.
*Did you know that it takes 550 peanuts to make a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter? Peanuts are cholesterol free and an excellent source of protein. In fact, it’s the high protein content that causes peanut butter to stick to the roof of your mouth.
*To celebrate National Peanut Butter Day, bake some peanut butter cookies, spread some tasty peanut butter on toast, or enjoy a spoonful right out of the jar!
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Capturing Beauty

I love to browse Etsy - and the deeper you look the more wonderful things you find.

I have admired this Etsy shop for some time. Their shop is called ChezJolly and they take the most incredible photos. They all have a French-romantic charm to them. I love them all - but right now I'm overly smitten with this one.

If you have a moment, go check them out. You won't regret the visit.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Daisy in the Blizzard

I created this fun treasury on Etsy today. In addition to being beautiful - I thought it was pretty darn clever and would be a wonderful children's story. If anyone is interested in writing the story and publishing it as a best-selling children's book, feel free to use my title.  :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scratch and Sniff

Just kidding! Of course these photos don't have scratch-and-sniff capabilities. Or do they?

I just celebrated 25 years at my current place of employment (yup - my "day" job). I received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from my co-workers in all shades of purples. How lovely.

I think my favorites have to be the lisianthus. They are incredible! Makes my mind think-spring already!

Monday, January 16, 2012

In Preparation

I worked on a few hearts this weekend in preparation for Valentine's Day. That day of reds, pinks, chocolates, smooches, loves, hugs, and winks will be here before we know it!

I found some fantastic red and white polka dot fabric at the thrift store and couldn't resist pairing it with my wool to make some hanging hearts. I think they turned out kind of fun - even though photo-op-day was snowy and chilly! By the time I got done taking photos, my hands were red and pink from the cold!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Felted Clippings

Clip your chips. Clip you papers. Clip your bread bag. Clip your nose.

The clip-list can go on and on.

I love the old-fashioned never-out-of-style wooden clothespin. But why clip with an everyday clothespin? Felt them!

With just a little all-purpose glue, some felted scraps, and a little close trimming with a sharp scissor, you can have your own wool clothespins.

Or....if you don't want to take the time to do your own - come on over and get some in my Etsy store!  :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pulling Over

A few weeks ago I was driving down the highway as an ambulance came up behind me with their lights on. I did the usual routine - and appropriately pulled over to the side of the road to let them pass safely. Of course, my normal thoughts entered my head and I quickly said a brief prayer that whoever was being transported would be okay.

As I pulled back on the road, I thought to myself - wouldn't it be nice if we would be as considerate to all drivers on the road as we are to the ambulance's that quickly approach in our rear-view mirrors? I mean, if we can automatically pull over so quickly when we see those lights appear, why can't we give that same type of consideration to all drivers instead of getting frustrated, angry, and aggressive at others who aren't driving the same way or same speed as we are?

Just something to think about...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Rose

You know the saying.....a rose, is a rose, is a rose.....

But THIS rose is special!

My son, who has the artistic bug in him as well, made a rose for me for Christmas. was actually a college art class project - but then he gave me one for a gift.

He created it with recycled wire, aluminum can (ahhh, lets see....he's in college - it was probably a beer can - but it was recycled! :-), and wax. He shaped the aluminum to resemble a rose and dipped it over and over and over again to create this piece.

It's pretty cool.

And, so sometimes a rose is a rose...

Is a rose...

Is a rose...

Is a rose...

And a wonderful gift.

Monday, January 2, 2012

In A Dark Place

No. Not me.

But I kind of feel that my blog is right now. I knew that I wanted a 2012-new-year-look for my blog and in my search for blog backgrounds, I've found that most are designed for a white background with dark text - and I have more light text and with a dark background. If I change it around at this time (white background) I would have to go back into each past post and change the font color. Ummm....I think that's something I don't want to spend my time on.

I've found a new background that I do like - it's kind of rich and velvety - but it feels quite dark and I don't think I will be staying with it for too long. So....look for more changes in the probably-near future while I continue my search for free-blog-dark-backgrounds!