Monday, January 2, 2012

In A Dark Place

No. Not me.

But I kind of feel that my blog is right now. I knew that I wanted a 2012-new-year-look for my blog and in my search for blog backgrounds, I've found that most are designed for a white background with dark text - and I have more light text and with a dark background. If I change it around at this time (white background) I would have to go back into each past post and change the font color. Ummm....I think that's something I don't want to spend my time on.

I've found a new background that I do like - it's kind of rich and velvety - but it feels quite dark and I don't think I will be staying with it for too long. So....look for more changes in the probably-near future while I continue my search for free-blog-dark-backgrounds!

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