Tuesday, February 1, 2011

International Creativity Month

Shoot. I missed it! I was going to remember to post about this at the beginning of January - but "time" got away from me. Ok, I'll be honest, my "mind" got away from me. But at least I remembered before the next month was gone!

January is/was International Creativity Month. It was created by a man who simply wanted to remind people about the power of their own creativity.

Creativity isn't just about the typical things we think about when we say "creative" like drawing, music, sewing, or dancing, it's about exploring, embracing, and enhancing your natural gifts, even the ones you don't have a clue that you have yet.

Ideas include trying to increase your brain power (whoa - do I ever need to do this one!) by reading a new or challenging book, bringing more clarity to your life with meditation, beginning a new walking program, learning the words to a new-funky song, or just stopping and taking notice of the many great ideas you think about every day but don't follow through on. I bet you'll be surprised at how many good, creative thoughts you have all day, every day.
So, even though I've missed the whole darn month - that doesn't mean we can't start right now remembering to be more creative.

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