Monday, February 21, 2011

Time - Update

I guess I was a little ambitious in my post yesterday. I didn't quite get all those things done that I wanted to. (Do I hear a broken record here?)

  • I made two pillows for my nephew
  • cleaned my living room (Woo hoo! THAT felt good!)
  • washed my dishes
  • made three wool/burlap pears for a friend at work (who's going through a very hard time and needs a little pick-me-up gift)
  • wrapped and prepared an Etsy order for shipping (forgot that the mail doesn't go today...shoot, could have procrastinated that one another day!)
  • knitted and crocheted some wool flowers that are now ready to get felted for a future project
  • wrapped my friend's present
  • painted my frame (pink!)
  • read the newspaper
  • read a new magazine (Victoria)
  • reviewed what I'll get at the grocery store tomorrow
  • and oh ya, took a very nice long nap.
Here is a peek at the pears and pillows - with their photos taken outside on our snowy-Wisconsin-Monday-morning.

Uffdah. I think I'm ready for another nap!


  1. Great items! That's a lot to get done in one day -- you are on a roll! Love the pears!