Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Chick

One of my co-worker's is having a birthday this week.

In the summer, she rents chickens to have at her home. Yes, you heard me correctly. She rents chickens for the summer. Before her, I had never heard of such a thing.

The chickens enjoy a summer vacation away from their regular home, while having new pecking and egg laying grounds for the summer months. They arrive in the late spring - once the weather has had an opportunity to warm up - and head back "home" in the fall before the nights get too cold for them.

Well, I thought that maybe she was missing her summer chickens so I decided to make her very own Birthday Chick to help fill her lonely chicken-less winter.

Baak Baak!

PS.  I added a little flower to tuck into the pocket. The stem is a trimmed down wooden kitchen-kabob stick and the button is one of my recycled bottle-cap buttons.


  1. I adore this chick~! Especially her necklace - did you make the felted beads? Or buy them? They've been on my list forever - what a nice friend you are!

  2. Thank you! I made the black beads and bought the others. For as much as I LOVE using them - I don't really like making them. I think they are a lot of work - so I have bought most of mine.

  3. This is lovely! Love the bright turquoise touches. You have a very lucky friend!

  4. Thanks Anjou! Isn't bright turquoise fun?

  5. She's so classy with her necklace and pocket! I'd love to rent chickens -- how fun! And definitely good for the chicks to have a little vacation!

  6. If I had room, I'd love to rent sheep! How fun would that be?