Saturday, February 5, 2011

Calendar ReVamp

I am trying to carry a calendar with me these days to "try" to more successfully keep track of dates, obligations, events, etc.

There are tons of calendars for sale - and some of them are so very cute - but also so very expensive. With that in mind, I decided to save a few bucks and get a simple calendar and add some touches to it myself to make it my own.

I purchased a plain black/spiral calendar for about $5.00. It did have fun teal and black scroll-work on the inside. That was a fun plus.

My plan was to make a little calendar-slipcover from an old pairs of capris. I've always loved the fabric of these pants but knew I'd never wear them again. Of course, me being me, I had been having a hard time getting rid of them thinking that maybe, someday, I'd use them for something.  Well, the day had finally arrived.

I began cutting the capris. I'm not a very precise cutter and measurement is definitely not one of my strengths - so the fact that it worked out ok is quite a miracle itself.

I finished with a simple slipcover for my calendar, adding some embellishments of old rickrack, flower petals, decorative stitches and a zipper "latch" with self-adhesive velcro dots to close it. I also used decorative scrapbooking paper and made a little library-card-type-holder which I glued to a page inside to help hold extra pieces of paper for safe-keeping throughout the year.

While it's not my favorite work, I guess it turned out ok. And remember, I'll only be needing it for one year...

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