Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Lucille

I'd like to introduce you to Lucille. Or, as her friends call her, Lucy.

Here's Lucy. Feeling sassy and fine.

After hopping into our world earlier this week (I don't know - are those weird bunny ears I see?), Lucy decided this morning that she was ready to head out into the world beyond our four walls. So she's off to work with me today.

Are you ready to go, Lucy? (As you can see, she's pretty quiet.)

Lucy in the van. Umm...sorry gal, I'm not pulling out until you buckle yourself into your own seat.

There. That's better.

Here we go!

We're still going! Downtown is very still this morning.

The excitement builds - we're almost to the highway.

I see Lucy loves playing "corners". You remember that game from when you were a youngster, don't you? Woa, hang on...'s all downhill from here!

Whew. We made it.

Oh dear, Lucy looks a little pale. I think she was playing "corners" with a little too much gusto. Poor girl. She might have to stay home tomorrow.

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