Monday, January 31, 2011

Fifty Pillows

Last Friday, I headed into "the cities" with my good friend.

We had a variety of stops planned on our fun day away - change of oil, lunch at Red Lobster (oh yum!), Target for some basic needs, Herberger's for some non-basic needs, and Ikea.

Ikea was my stop. I needed to visit Ikea to stock up on pillow forms.  They have the best price on 14" x 14" pillow forms and I use them all the time for my wool pillows.

We made our way into the store. Escalator up, stairs up, stairs down. Ahh, we finally get the pillow section. I quickly grab a cart. My plan was for 30 pillows. The last time I did my pillow-run, I got 28. "What?", my friend says, "As long as we're here, you should get 60. Sixty sounds like a nice number." 

Sixty? I was only planning on 30.

"Maybe I'll get 40," I say.

"I'd get 60," she says. 

"Ok. I'll get 50," I respond.

We fill one shopping cart.  My friend runs for another cart and proceeds to load more pillows in her cart. 

With 50 pillows in tow, we begin making our way through the maze of multiple rooms and tons of product to the checkout. It appears my friend got the straight-wheeling-challenged cart, as she is unable to successfully drive her cart straight through the isles. We laugh all the way through the store as she manages to block the isle-ways to all other traffic as she winds her cart through the store...sideways.

Along the way we have a multitude of other shoppers that either question our pillow shopping carts - or provide us with the WTF look.  What? This isn't normal?

Just as we are closing in on the checkout area, I spy floral stones for a very reasonable price. I use them often in my wool paperweights and pin cushions to provide weight and stability. Well, what a nice, unexpected treat to find them. Sure - I'll take 6 bags.

Whew. We've finally make it to the checkout - and, of course, we are in the slowest line. My turn to check out arrives, and I inform the checkout woman that I have 50 pillows and 6 bags of rocks. 

"Would you like to count them?," I ask.

"No," she promptly responds.

Hmmm....she is kind enough to not question it, but she keeps chuckling and mumbling something that I am unable to understand. (That's probably a good thing.)

Now to the car to find room for all my pillows and rocks.  Well, that's another story...

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