Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feng Shui Anyone?

I was paging through a magazine earlier this week. There was a short, one-page article about Feng shui written by Jayme Barrett. As part of the article, there was a small diagram about where things should be placed in your office workspace to encourage or balance things in your life.

Wait. Let me take you back just a little further.... LAST week, my recently-former supervisor - who is very supportive of my creative work and my number one marketer - brought me an article out of a magazine that talked about a women who lost her job and in the process of finding something to keep her busy, has created an incredibly successful business through Etsy. She creates very clean, streamlined, wool laptop and ipod cases.

As she handed me the article, I asked what it was. She said "hope". I read the article and took a large black-permanent market and wrote "Hope" on the top of it. I then hung it on the bulletin board directly behind of my computer screen (which I face all day, every day).

There. Now let's jump back to the Feng shui article.

As I am reading the article, it says that the back center of your workspace represents Fame and Reputation. I quote: "This area represents who you are to the world - your character and image. Place a red lamp or candle, your business card, or an award or certificate here."  Huh. I looked up into the back center of my workspace and realized that I had done just that with my "Hope". Interesting. I just had to read more.

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After doing a quick online look at Jayme's website, I was even more intrigued. I loved what she wrote about as a general outlook about Feng shui. I browsed a few more posted articles and by the time I ended my web visit I had signed up for her regular email newsletter.

I'm quite sure that I will not be rearranging my home and life to totally support the Feng shui lifestyle, but I realized that I can certainly learn from the practice.  Below is content    taken from her web site that grabbed me in this - my year to clear.

Feng shui can be a lifestyle. From my point of view, arranging your environment is one piece of the puzzle. It is a beginning; an entry into a new way of discovering how energy affects you on a daily basis. You must realize that healthy energy is moving energy. If your space and mind are filled with clutter, it is extremely difficult to move forward in all aspects of your life. As you begin to clear out the old, new opportunities, people and energy come flowing in.

Jayme Barrett

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