Monday, January 17, 2011

Craftstravaganza News

Years ago, I used to participate in various craft shows. That was long before I found what I think is my CN (creative-nitch) and began working with wool.

So, I'm really still very new to the show/sale world as it is today. I had the opportunity to successfully participate in a few this fall/winter but they were all shows that I was approached to participate in. And it was such an honor when each of them asked me to participate in their show.

After feeling pretty good about the shows I just finished up - I decided to bite the bullet and apply for an upcoming show coming up this spring called the Craftstravaganza.  I had to complete my application and send in photos of my work with a deadline of a couple weeks ago.

I've been anxiously waiting to received word on the event. I was notified tonight that I wasn't accepted. The event planners did state in their initial communications that they get many more applications than they have space for - so I really was prepared to not be accepted - but, of course,  I was hoping that I would be one that was chosen.

Naturally, I'm bummed and disappointed - and I know that I'm not very good at being rejected.  When it happens I feel very down and I begin to second guess my work and myself.  I'm trying hard to remember that not everyone can be accepted and I hope (plan) to muster up enough energy to apply again next year.

I'm also planning on attending the event myself (which I never have in the past) and see all the fine works that others will be providing!  I will not let this get the best of me.   :-)

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