Monday, January 3, 2011

Burlap and Leather and Wool, Oh My!

As promised, here are my latest creations incorporating burlap from a coffee-bean bag. What else - but pears!

Each panel of the pears are made from alternating burlap and wool. This wool happens to be from a recycled blanket. The stems are made from coiled up brown leather strips recycled from a thrift store jacket and the leaves are from a sage-green leather jacket. They are stuffed with standard polyfil as well as some small floral pebbles and glass beads on the bottom. It helps give them some weight and with that they sit much nicer (kind of like a big old toosh settling into its spot in the recliner!).

I like how they turned out - I enjoy the simplicity, texture, and form. But I have already stocked up on more fusible interfacing that I will adhere to the burlap moving forward. It unravels terribly, and while that is ok at times (depending on the project), it's not desirable when sewing seams together for stuffing.

Although I'd kind of like to keep them myself, I think I'll post them on Etsy. Besides, I've already got pieces cut for about a dozen more!