Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like Great Uncle, Like Great Niece

A short time ago I did a post called Visiting Family. In there, I mentioned a beautiful mosaic planter that my great-great uncle made. It sits proudly at the church/cemetary where many of my family members rest. Here's a couple repeat pictures.

Here's an old photo of another planter he created that sits at my great-grandparents farmhouse. See it in the background? (Don't you just love that cute dog? And, the woman is my great-aunt Bea - but I'll show you her another time. [I can't show you all the good stuff at once!])

Little did he know that his great-great niece (ya - that's me!) would like to mosaic too. I'm not as talented as he was, but I still enjoy working on small pieces when I have time (or the motivation to dig my hands in the messy grout.)

I did this small, round mosaic stone that is part of the walking path in my garden.

Mosaic work I did on top of an old brick. Yup. It's darn dirty - but it's in a little "patio" area I have near my garden.

Another brick I "slipcovered" that is in the garden area as well.

I decided to mosaic just the roof of this little house to welcome my birds.

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