Friday, August 6, 2010

Wabi Sabi Weird - Day 2

Again. Sometimes I just shake my head - it's too bizarre how certain things happen - a little mind-blowing.

I have a friend, Tracy, that I have visited many times. Some would call her a "psychic". I guess I often do too - but I usually use "air quotes" when I do because I believe she prefers to be called an "intuitive". But whatever I call her,  I always call her amazing.

Every time I visit Tracy, I simply marvel with what she can see and tell about me. I still can't begin to understand how she does what she does - but I'm sure glad she does!

Well...I just had lunch with my friend, Kelly, on Tuesday. I was telling her about Tracy and her amazing abilities and said I would email her Tracy's contact information. All day Wednesday and Thursday I looked at my reminder-to-myself-post-it-note telling me to do just that. I put it off (as I often do with any kind of task - I'm such a procrastinator!) - thinking I would do it "tomorrow".

Thursday night - I get an email from Tracy. Odd?  Not necessarily. But, this just happens to be a time when I've been struggling with my buddy, peri-menopause, and not necessarily feeling on-top-of-the-world. I've had about two weeks of not feeling well and not feeling good about myself. Not to mention the fact that I probably haven't been in contact with Tracy for several months now.

Tracy's emails says just this: 

I Think You Are This Person
A strong person knows how to keep their life in order. With tears in their eyes they still manage to say "I'm ok". Send this to a strong person; I just did. God is good. Change is coming. God saw your sadness and said hard times are over.

Again, a coincidence? Wow. I think not. How cool.

Dream away my friends! It's about the wonder of it all. . .

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