Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bears, Bears, and More Bears

Several years ago, I had a bear-making period in my life. I used recycled fur, wool, and leather coats to make them. I just dusted the cob-webs off the bears this weekend and thought maybe I'd share photos of "the family" with you.

I really enjoyed making the little one-of-a-kind buggers. For some reason, I guess I got out of my phase - I think mostly because they were quite time-consuming. I made all of them jointed and with leather paws.

All pieces - head, legs, arms and body are all sewn and stuffed separately then jointed together. The reward was great fun - but, as I said, each one did take quite some time to create.

I named each bear and made a leather tag to wear around their neck with their name printed on it.

I probably made about 30-40 of them - and either sold or gave away most of them as gifts. But here are the ones still living with me.

This is one that I made for myself. Her name is Tillie.

Tillie's name tag.

This is Buddy and Petunia. I made Buddy for my dad and Petunia for my mom. Until the day my parents passed away, they sat at the headboard of their bed.

This is Heaven. She was made after my grandma passed away. The sweater is made from what was left of the old tattered-button-up-sweater that my grandma always wore around her house to take the chill away.

This is Thompson, Alfonzo, and Bear. I made all of these for my son. Hmmm...for some reason he didn't take them with him when he went off to college.

Here's the whole family sitting on the back porch. They all called dibs on the rocking chair.  :-)

Gosh - I wonder if I should consider adding to the family tree...

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