Friday, August 27, 2010

More Finds?

Sometimes you can thrift shop for months and just find "good things". Then sometimes you can really hit some major scores.

Don't get me wrong - every time find my wool sweaters, it's goooood shopping - but this week I found two really fun and different things.

One is this mirror. It's very old, very heavy, and very gold. I believe the frame will be heirloom white when I finish with it. I have no idea where I will hang it (somehow my walls seem to be pretty full right now) but you can be sure I will find a spot. It was mine for only $7.00. It only took me about 2.1 seconds to decide to buy it.

My other find is this old, beautifully embroidered (clearly by someone's grandma!), kitchen apron. Only .2 seconds were needed for me to hold on tight to this find. Would you believe that it was marked 29 cents!?! Yup. No lie. Great huh?

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