Friday, August 6, 2010

Wabi Sabi Weird

You know how those "weird" things happen......??

Yesterday during my lunch break, I ran to one of the jiffy-lube places to get the oil changed on my van. While I was waiting, I was scanning a magazine. Something like Good Housekeeping or the likes. I stopped to read an article that talked about letting your life be more "wabi sabi". I have never heard of that saying - but I believe it said that it was a Japanese saying that means something like "less than perfect". So for instance, purposely letting something be imperfectly finished - because nothing is really perfect. And it's similar to what I've always heard about the Amish and their quilting - that they purposely do some stitching or something differently on the quilt in one of the corners so that it's "not perfect".

Anyway, this gal in the article was talking about not taking everything so seriously - and letting go of things. I thought....that makes sense. You know - wabi sabi.

So...I return to my desk after lunch and the first thing I do is open an email. It's about a new knitting book. It's a cute book and I'm curious about it. I can't immediately place the name of the author - so I do a quick google-search of her name and it takes me to her blog. Below is the header of her blog!

Coincidence??  I don't think so!

Does it mean I should run out and get her book - or does it mean more than that?

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