Friday, July 2, 2010

Picture Perfect

It's wool time...
I actually did a piece similar to this a couple years ago - but kind of forgot about it until now. So, I've resurrected the idea and created a "picture" to post on my Etsy page (The Lavendar Tree).

The frame was an old tag-sale find that has been sitting in my shed for some time now. After blowing the dust off it, I grabbed a can of spray paint (one of my close friends!) and coated it white. Then I decopaged torn pieces of an old, yellowed dictionary or textbook of some sorts around the frame. I topped it off with the word "blossom" to add a little extra whimsy.

I used a wool blanket for the background, and recycled felted sweaters and vintage buttons for the flowers. The flower stems are made of the "seams" from the sweaters - don't ever throw those away - they have a bajillion uses!

I'll let you know if it sells or not. If it's well received I'd love to make more because it was quite fun. Heck, even if no one likes it, I think I'll make more. Half the fun is in the making - and half the fun is in the liking. :-)

Have a blessed 4th of July if I don't talk to you sooner!

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