Thursday, July 15, 2010

Felted Slippers: Steps One, Two, Three

A couple weeks ago, I bought a pattern for knitting and felting wool slippers. They are actually called "slipper clogs" because they are similar in style to a clog-type-shoe.

I decided to use some wool yarn that I already had a home. (What?? Extra yarn at home?? Never heard of such a thing!) So, if you look closely, the bottom of one slipper is dark brown and one is gray. I ran out of gray yarn but didn't want to buy new yarn until I tested my ability to correctly follow the pattern.

Please pay no attention to the model's unattractive legs. Photos are only intended to show slippers, not skin.

Slipper one:  I kept hearing the old saying "three strikes, you're out" over and over in my mind - but I chose to ignore it. It was actually on the fourth time of starting over that I finally was able to follow the pattern without getting totally lost. I'm glad I took the time to start over - but at the time, I wasn't quite sure I was happy about it.

Slipper two: Slipper two went fine. I developed what I thought was a rather smart way of having a "guide" that helped me keep my place while following the written directions. It consisted of moving a paperclip and a piece of paper. Who would have thought?

Washing machine: Two washes through the "whites" cycle while inside a small garment washing bag and the slippers were felted nicely. I washed some wool sweaters at the same time - killing two felting projects with one A little stretching in each direction pulled the slippers back into proper shape. I also slipped them on my feet for about 5 minutes to help shape the right and left difference.  Then I air-dryed them on my back porch. (Back porch is not required.)

Slippers one and two: Done and ready for winter in Wisconsin.

Sorry for blurriness. For some reason, I can't hold the camera steady while looking at my feet!

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