Monday, July 19, 2010

World's Largest Knitted Fish Hat

Now I've seen the World's Largest Knitted Fish Hat. My life seems almost complete. :-)

During my lunch break today, I happened to stop into my local yarn shop, Miss Elsie's (where I love to yarn shop and have also held classes teaching some of my recycled wool projects). I haven't been in the shop for quite awhile. Seems that time, energy and my schedule have kept me away.

It appears that if I HAD been in the shop lately, I would have known that they have been busy, busy, busy. Shop owner, Pam, and other knitting enthusiasts have been knitting what they have labeled as the World's Largest Knitted Fish Hat.

Hat in progress

The goal was to complete the hat in time for a grand introduction to the community during the town's summer celebration, Karl Oscar Days's - held in July. They finished just in time for the main street parade - worms and all!

Fish and knitters in parade

They even "lured" one of the news channels from the Twin Cities to come and see what they were up to - check it out here. Good job folks!

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