Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recycling T-Shirts

I'm really liking the idea of using recycled t-shirt strips for a variety of uses. (I even have access to a whole box of brand-new never-been-worn white t-shirts!) Among other things, I'm planning on making a couple more scarves and maybe a couple rugs.

In the meantime, last weekend, I decided to dye four white t-shirts. Two blue and two purple. One t-shirt even had a nasty black ink-ish sort of mark on it. The dye covered any worries about the mark.

I've cut them into strips and they are nicely rolled into t-shirt yarn balls waiting to see what the Tucker-inspired future will hold for them.

Whenever I sell a wool items on Etsy, I gift wrap them in brown kraft paper, tie them with twine, and attach a wool flower to the top. I've decided that I'm going to begin using the recycled t-shirt strips for binding and have even included that information in my Etsy postings. I like the idea of reusing things when I can and hope that my customers like that as well.

What are YOU going to use your recycled t-shirt strips for?


  1. You continue to blow me away with your creativity!

  2. Fun! I love it when I can blow people away! :-)