Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Frame Cottage Garden Brief Tutorial

One of my favorite thirft shops has a free-shelf. When things have been at the store a long time and not purchased, they will put some small items on the free-shelf. As you are leaving, you are invited to check it out and grab anything that tickles your free-fancy.

A couple weeks ago, two free frames started me on a new journey.

Free frames!

See?  They really were free.

First, I primed and painted them white. I love white....and purple.
Never. I repeat, NEVER forget about purple.

I decopaged parts of the frame with rippings of pages from an old, yellowed reference manual of some sort. I am a firm believer that books should not be destroyed on purpose (or for no purpose at all!), but when I got my hands on this one, it was already in shambles - so I am ok with that.

I added a few other adornments (rub-on's, etc.) and then sprayed with two coats of poly spray. You can use any kind of poly protector, but the spray is so easy to use.

Then I prepared some "gardens" with a recycled wool blanket for the background and different flowers, stems and leaves from recycled wool. The blue flower was created using an old button and crocheting a "slipcover" for it from very thin wool yarns. I used the pre-cut cardboard that came with the frames as the backing and discarded the glass pieces. I know, you'd think I could have found some way to use them, but there's a limit to what I can save...

Waa Laa! Two new simple-chic cottage garden pictures!
The one with the blue flower was already given to a friend for her birthday and the other one is now posted on Etsy. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. Hmmm...think I might run to my thrift shop again today and see what awaits me.

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