Monday, July 5, 2010

Four-Legged Children

Oh what we will sometimes do for our four-legged children.

Charlotte, my black lab, is terribly fearful of thunderstorms and fireworks. Fireworks are the worst. I've come to dislike them - only for that reason.

Tea Rose Home

We visited the vet a couple weeks ago and he gave us some "stress medication" that was to be given to Charlotte about 45 minutes "before the event" (ya - just try to figure out when all the neighborhood folks are going to start their firework celebration).

With the town fireworks being held on July 4 - I thought we might be fairly safe on July 3. Not so. The neighborhood was full of Independence Day enthusiasts.  Hmmm... let's try the medication. Thrust the little pill far back in the throat - and swallow. Ok. We got it down. (Thankfully, Charlotte has always been very good at taking medications.) Ahhhh... I figure we're now in business. Nope. Charlotte seems to be a very strong and determined young lady. The medication fails to alleviate any fire-pop anxieties. Darn.

On to July 4. Knowing full well that our town would be celebrating with fireworks (of course, being set off only a couple blocks from our home), I decided that we'd take a drive with semi-loud music during "the event". We anxiously head out the back door at 9:15 pm. I've got a destination in mind - one that takes me on a main highway - thinking that it best to avoid back-country-roads for fear of beautiful four-legged-deer that didn't get any anti-stress medication from their vet.

The plan seems pretty good. We head to a town about 30 miles away. Drive through the Dairy Queen. It's a hot, humid night. A cherry Mr. Misty (I think they are now called Arctic Rush - but I refuse to give up my old familiar Mr. Misty name) tastes delightful. I'm careful not to drink it too fast...brain freeze is no fun.

We head back toward home. So far, so good. But, oops. I forgot that our drive goes by numerous lakes. Lakes with boats on them - waiting for the many lake fireworks to begin. We drive by several areas that seem to be firing from very close to the road. Charlotte, who always rides in the seat behind me is now next to me thinking that maybe she should snuggle near my feet. 84 pounds of Charlotte do not fit by my feet. I spend the rest of the trip with one arm on the wheel and one arm on Charlotte.

Unfortunately, we also arrive back in town before our local "event" is over. We meander through our town's streets - waiting for the sky and firework smoke to calm down. We pull into our driveway at 10:45 - a rather long 1 1/2 hours later.

We've made it through another year.  :-)

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  1. Oh! Poor Charlotte! My Murph-Murph hates loud noises as well! Have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy? It works fairly well for the thunder storms anyway...fireworks are so intense, we find it easier to sit in the basement with the TV on a little louder than usual! :) Glad you made it another year!