Monday, June 28, 2010

Coincidence? I Don't Think So.

Have you ever heard of Joyce Meyer? Joyce is one of the world's leading Bible teachers. She has a multitude of books, tapes, and videos that teach people to have better lives through their faith. She has a TV program and also travels around the world conducting lecture series.
Joyce Meyer
I first happened upon Joyce years ago on one of her TV programs. It spoke to me at the time, and I've enjoyed listening to her periodically though the years. Sometimes it seems as if she's picked her topic of the day just for me.
After last night, I happened to turn the channel to Joyce this morning at 6:35. She started talking to me. She reminded me that we are constantly trying to be the people that society is telling us that we should be. Happy, in control, the proper weight, making enough money, organized, on top of everything. You know - unattainably perfect. She reminded me that we are always working to attain those goals, that we only leave time for the things that are really important in the little moments in between. She also reminded me that when I'm on my death bed, I won't be asking for my final bank balance or asking if my house is clean enough - but I'll be asking for the people I love and for peace. Why not ask for more of that now and take the time to enjoy it? Why place the value of a day on how many "to-do" tasks you accomplished - rather than the love and enjoyment that came from the day?
I needed to hear that this morning. Not that I shouldn't keep working on my "to-do" list (because heaven knows, I do need to), but work hard to remember to not base my value of time on it.

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