Monday, June 21, 2010

I Was Happy!

My son and his girlfriend visited me for part of this last weekend. I got to cook for them and their friends, spend time chatting, took them and a girlfriend out for lunch, and sent home some little "care bags" for them after their return home.

Then, I spent the rest of the weekend traveling and visiting my sister, her husband and friends. We camped overnight in a Minnesota State Park - laughing and talking around a cozy campfire until 2 am.

The best part was that there were many times - during all those wonderful moments - that I intentionally thought to myself ... I am happy! ... RIGHT NOW. It was fantastic and I quietly smiled to myself.  I know I will always have these memories to fondly look back on and enjoy - but I also took the time to notice them at the time they were happening. I don't always do that - but it felt good.

Even through all the good memories, I'll even remember a few of the crappy moments - like when I made the three hour trip by myself, with a migraine, and threw up in a plastic bag while driving. But my migraine passed, and I guarantee that the fun and the laughter will be the things that remain most in my memory.  :-)

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