Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Want to be a Sheep Farmer

Usually my dream "job" is just to be creative. To be free to create things that people love - maybe have a small shop - maybe teach some classes - and live comfortably and happy. But yesterday I decided that I might want to be a sheep farmer too.

Just a couple miles north of my home is a cute little spot that houses lots of little sheep. After after work the other day, I decided to stop, chat and take some sheep-snapshots. They were the cutest sheep - they ran to catch up with their fellow friends and see what were up to.

My, they are very busy little creatures - constantly eating and eating (hmmm...similar to me!). They did pause occasionally to give me a quick smile - but then it was off to munching again.

Seriously, it was so hard for me to leave them. I felt like I was leaving good friends and I wanted to take a couple home - but I just wasn't sure if my black lab, Charlotte, would approve. Sure, they might be new fun playmates for her, but I'm not even sure they speak the same language.  But heck, maybe it's not too late to learn a new language....

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  1. I understand!! I am completely obsessed by our local sheep AND Alpaca farm! What great fun to spend some time with the sheepies!