Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Face Toward the Spring

Years ago, when my Grandma was still living, I was curiously looking through her collection of books. She always had a lot of books and for some reason they always looked intriguing to me.

I spotted one book in particular that I seemed to be drawn to. I walked downstairs with it and found Grandma on her porch - gently rocking in "her" rocking chair (which now sits on MY back porch). I don't remember, but she was probably sewing on a button or working a crossword puzzle.

I asked her if she would mind if I borrowed her book, Face Toward the Spring by Faith Baldwin, until the next time I made it back down to her home "in the valley".  She said, "Of course, Annie. Oh, that's such a cozy book."

I never was able to return it to her. She passed away before I returned it - but I know she wanted me to keep it anyway.  And, yes indeed, it IS a cozy book. Faith Baldwin was a writer of stories, but this book shares some of her personal thoughts and feelings as she goes through a year of her life. Its chapters are based on the twelve months - so it's a book you can read all at once - or pick it up and just read a chapter/month at a time.

I picked it up the other day and read her "May" chapter.  She was such a wise woman. I love this passage from her book...

My copy of Grandma's book is kind of beaten with age - but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Really.

NOTE:  I thought you would be able to read the entire paragraph in the photo. When I reviewed the posted blog, it appears that even though I made it "x-large", you can't read the entire passage unless you click on the photo and open it up.  If you still are unable to read it, let me know and I'll happily retype it in the text. It's good don't want to miss it. :-)

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