Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can You Smell Them?

Lilacs. Oh the sweet smell of lilacs.

I'm very fortunate. I have a long row of very well established lilacs. From the day we moved in, we've called it Lilac Lane.

They happen to be purple lilacs. Is it a coincidence that they are purple and purple is my favorite color? I think not. I think God put them for me personally.

Every spring I oh so happily cut handfuls and handfuls of lilacs to fill my house (even though I can smell them through every open window and doorway), to give to my friends, to share with passer-by-ers (done it - many times I've been cutting when someone drives by and says something to me about them - I hand them a handful and they hand me a smile) and even to the gaggles of elementary children waiting for the school bus on some warm, fragrant morning.

So, go ahead. Give it a try. Can you smell them?


  1. I love lilacs, I wish I had some that I could cut and scatter throughout the house. Lucky girl.

  2. It really is an awesome treat! My only wish is that they would last longer! :-)