Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Window Sills

I love window sills. Sometimes they are simple, sometimes more ornate.

For anyone who knows me, I suppose it's no surprise that many of my window sills are not left blank. I see them as yet another blank canvas waiting to be adorned.

Here's some of the window sills in my house. What's on yours?

Kitchen window over the sink with little potted geraniums, soap dish (my grandma's), pie bird, and kerosene lamp:

Kitchen window to the north with plants rooting and fun green vase:

Dining room window facing "lilac lane" with two items from my great-grandmother - beautiful vase and precious puppy:

Dining room window facing the back yard and the St Croix River with playful bird planter:

Out my back dining room window - sweet little view:

Messy window in my living room next to "my chair" where I do most of my stitching with buttons, wool bobbles, and multiple pin cushions:

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