Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding An Old Lid

I was watching an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies this week (yes - I love that show!).

Miss Daisy Mae (Granny) Moses was disgusted that some of Elly Mae's kittens were laying in one of her dresser drawers - on top of some of her best nightgowns that were part of her "hope chest". Jed asked her why she needed a hope chest at her age. She responded, "Just because the pot is busted up, don't mean you can't still find a lid to fit it." 

Ha - she cracked me up! You can learn a lot from that gal.  :-)

Irene Ryan in her younger years (I have never seen a photo of her as a young woman! She's adorable!). Taken from

Irene Ryan as "Granny". Taken from

Hmmmm.....sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find a lid to fit my pot.

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