Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Confused My Sewing Machine

Last night I decided to sew a little caddy to hang on the oven door.

I dug in my "special" stash of vintage fabrics. That stash consists of some of my grandma's most lovely, cozy fabrics. As soon as I look at them I'm reminded of grandma's back porch.

I cut two rectangles from two different fabrics - sewing them together around the 2 sides and bottom.  I then had one piece right-side-out and the other inside-out with one inside the other (are you still following me here?) - sewing them together around the top and making sure to leave a small area open for turning. To save me from having to hand sew anything, I then did a zig zag stitch around the top and folded down the top to make a little lip on the caddy. So here's the part where I fooled my poor sewing machine  - it behaved very strangely and acted like it didn't even remember how to sew regular fabric - instead of always sewing my felted wool. I think it was quite confused and thrown off for awhile. For real - it was clunking all over the place acting like it was looking for more fabric or layers.

After I finished sewing and giggling at my goofy machine - I proceeded to my front cement steps (my prime pounding area) and frustratingly put 2 grommets in the back of the caddy. After much pounding and slight cussing (I did it very quietly so no one would hear me) I decided that I do indeed really hate putting in grommets. I love them. But I hate installing them. I think I need to find a buddy to help me with that for future projects.

Anyway.....I happily hung it on the stove handle and packed it with my never ending collection of wooden spoons (I just love to cook with wooden spoons!).

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  1. Oh, dear. My machine did the same thing. But then the clunking noise got worse and worse and the tension is all off and it makes the noise if I'm sewing wool or light cotton. I finally determined the problem "might" be the bobbin case, and I've ordered a new one. I'm doing only hand sewing for now. (It is hard to stay away from the machine.) If the new bobbin case doesn't fix it, mine may have to go to the repair shop. I'll be interested to hear from you if your problem gets worse. I've wondered what sewing all this heavy thick wool is doing to my machine....