Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I've Been Up To, Part 1 - The Lavendar Tree

I think I've been busy getting ready for the Art and Garden Sale this weekend.

I say that I "think" I've been busy - because it sure seems like I've been busy working on my wool, but when I pulled it all together on Monday evening to mark it for the sale, it didn't seem like I had enough product. I guess that's the it's-never-quite-enough part of me talking. Also, it's always a little difficult participating in a new sale because I am never quite sure of the expectations for that particular event - so, of course, the first thing I do is question myself.

However, rather than frantically working up until the very last moment (which often is what I typically do), I've decided that, this time - it will be enough.....good-enough, product-enough, quality-enough. Is that what they mean by enough is enough?'s a little peek at some of my sale items for this weekend.

First, I wanted to have a few low cost items. I decided a simple little owl key chain might be nice. I used a thicker wool for these and pieces of recycled leather for the eyes. You can't see it in the photos, but I also used a "seam" piece of wool (sewn securely to the top of the owl's head) as a loop to hang the actual key ring on.

Then - sometimes I get a great wool sweater to felt, but it's incredibly thick. For many of my projects, it's difficult to work with that thick of a fabric. However, I was pretty tickled with myself for deciding to create some functional-fun coasters out of the otherwise unused felt.

I simply cut felt circles and began sewing a continuous spiral onto each circle piece (boy, they take a lot of thread!) - I made a sets consisting of 4 coasters. I then tied each set of coasters with a thin twine and adorned with two leaves with eyelets.

Since the sale is being held at a coffee shop/cafe, I think coasters will be a nice fit. Imagine them paired with a great bag of coffee beans as a nice gift for your favorite coffee drinker!

I'm hoping that they are a hit - and if so, I'll make a few for my Etsy shop. (I really love the striped ones!)

Stay tuned, next time I'll share a bit more of what I've been busy with!


  1. These coasters are so nice! I've also got some sweaters that felted up stiff as boards and they make nice trivets or hot pads...really, just a larger version of a coaster.