Saturday, November 12, 2011


When I told you about my apple pie making weekend, I told you about a sweet surprise we had when at the apple orchard. 

The gal working at the orchard was giving thin slices of apples to the customers to taste. She said "This is a good one for eating. It's new this year. It's name is Sonja."  What? That was our mom's name!

Here we were together for the weekend to make mom's apple pies and we have the pleasure of tasting a new apple called Sonja - well, that was the perfect addition to our weekend! And in all honestly, I do believe it is the best tasting apple I've eaten! It was perfectly sweet - just like our mom.

Although they spelled her name differently, I believe it was a message from mom saying she was pretty darn proud of us carrying on her apple pie tradition.

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