Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mom's Apple Pie

Every fall my mom would make apple pies and put them in the freezer. She would work all day and make oodles of pies. She would give some to my sister and I, plus she would have her own seemingly never-ending-supply in their freezer, ready to pull out at any time and pop in the oven for that homemade delight.

Since my mom's passing, my sister Sue and I knew we wanted to continue with mom's apple pie tradition. But we couldn't make just ANY apple pie. It had to be just like mom's (who, of course, learned to make pies from her mother). So with the assistance of an apple-pie-recipe-card-hand-written-by-a-10-year-old-as-exactly-told-to-her-by-her-grandma-recipe (but, as you can imagine, I missed a few details, but I still totally treasure that recipe card) and the famous Norske Nook cookbook (well we Norwegians think it's famous!), Sue and I feel like we've finally come darn close to mastering the art of the our mom's perfect apple pie! And it only took us two years...this is only our third year of our new tradition.

There. Now you know the history of our apple pie - so sit back with your steamy cup of coffee and enjoy a day of apple pie making with Sue and I... (and I'm sorry - spoiler alert - but you don't get a sweet piece of our pie when you're done).

Sue at the helm of the crust production.

Some required ingredients. Note: Sometimes if the recipe calls for lard, Crisco works great too! 

No, this isn't a marketing plug for Surefine sugar, it was just a fun picture. But, heck fire, not a bad idea....I think I'll drop Surefine a note.

Norske Nook to the rescue.

If you don't have a good pie crust, you ain't got a good pie!

I'm busy over on the apple slicing work line. Did I mention we always have a fun fall outing the day prior to "pie day" and venture to the neighboring town, LaCresecent, MN (Applefest capital) to get our apples at the ever popular Bauer's Market.  You won't believe what else we found there this year.....but I'm not telling you yet.....that's for a post next week!

Slices and slices of apples. My fingertips were kind of tender the next day!

My, what a lovely round of soon-to-be perfect crust.

After adding just the right amount of apple coating, we mounded them high.

I said high! And don't forget to fill in those sides, those apples really bake down in the oven.

This year our great friend Kim gave us a pie-top-stencil that her sister had given to her before she passed at a too young age. It was so sweet of her to share it with are you kidding, of course, we just HAD to use it! One big apple in the center for a great steam hole - and little apples all around. Could it get any cuter?

One hour at 350 degrees later and ooooohhhhhh.....warm apple pie goodness!

Can't you just taste it? Yes - another year of family-loving apple pie-making goodness. Thanks mom. Love ya.

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  1. how beautiful history and the pie looks so tasty!!