Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unfinished Business

Often you hear people say that they have projects that they have started and have not finished. And they say it like it's a bad thing.

Sure - I'm one of those people. Uh, you'd probably have a stroke if you saw how many things I have started and not yet finished. But sometimes it's a good thing.

Years ago - and I mean years - probably about 8 or even more - I made little stockings for Christmas ornaments. I simply made them out of cotton quilt batting and then rubbed them with a little tea dye. They then were finished off by a small strand of mismatched pearl, white, and clear beads as a hanger. I gave many of them as gift tags incorporated as part of their gifts that year.

Earlier this summer when cleaning out a couple things, I ran across this dozen or so of the little stockings that I never finished. I was in prime cleaning mode and promptly threw them away. A short time later, I shook my head clear of that nonsense and came to my senses. I proceeded to dig them out of the trash basket and decided that I would make a little stocking bunting out of them.

It turned out kind of cute. Not bad anyway, for a 8-year-long project!

(Sorry, bad lighting on photo-shoot day!)

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