Sunday, November 20, 2011

In the 100's

Ooohhh La Laaaaa!

I've been creeping towards my 100th sale on Etsy for some time now. When I was at 75 sales, I promised that when I make my 100th sale, I'd celebrate the milestone by giving away one of my products.

Well.....I'm just about there! You can see below on my "Shop Info" that I'm now only one sale away! I'm hoping that I'll be able to announce my give-away to you soon - so stay tuned!

And, I'm really not trying to boast, but last year I shared with you when I received 100 shop "hearts" and how exciting that was. Right now I'm am over-the-purple-moon-truly-honored to show you below that I now have 430 admirers! I still can't believe it - because I'm just a little wool fish in a big old pond - but it's sure been fun learning to swim on Etsy! Thanks to Etsy and all of my supporters!

Shop Info
            Request custom item
            Opened on Jul 6, 2009
            99 sales
            430 admirers 


  1. Very cool! 430 admirers is a whole bunch. I'm much like you in feeling like a very small fish swimming in a big pond of wool felt. Thanksgiving is my wool felt anniversary. It was just two years ago in November that I felted my first sweater and made hats for my boys. The day after Thanksgiving I bought my first wool sweaters at a thrift store to felt... My I have learned a lot! Most of it from reading blogs like yours!

  2. Wow - congrats to you Lora! You've done great - and happy anniversary! I have just fallen in love working with felted wool. It's such a great fabric - so fun and so forgiving. Here's to many more anniversaries and milestones! :-)