Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Package from Greece

It's heeeeeere!

I decided to splurge on something from another Etsy artist that I really, really didn't need. But I wanted.

I've been impatiently waiting for my package to arrive all the way from Greece.

Last Friday I got a note from my mail carrier that I had a "foreign" package and it would be at the post office waiting for me, or I could request that they deliver it.

Deliver it, please.

I waited. package.

Yesterday I stopped at the post office. Can I have my package, please?

It was delivered today.

Ok, fine.  :-)

I get home and plant myself in my grandma's rocker on the back porch.  I anxiously prepare to open my first package from Greece.

Oh my, such a fun little package inside.

What could it be?

Can you stand the suspense?  OMG, just open the darn thing!

TaDa!  Fancy little "barefoot sandals" - beautifully crocheted in the softest lavendar thread!  (Oh please, don't look at my scruffy old feet - people, keep your eyes on the purple!)

I think they are so cute and I wore them all evening. Bet you want a pair now too!  Step right can get your own right here!  Lasunka.


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