Thursday, December 30, 2010

Purple Reins!

Yay! It's about time purple gets its well earned recognition. Oh the time we could have saved if only someone had asked my opinion about it years ago...  :-) You can imagine my joy when I read the following article.  (Taken from

Purple reigns as the new neutral
No longer considered edgy, the royal color has gone mainstream in home furnishings.

Move over, beige, there's a new go-to hue for the home. Purple's reign started on the fashion runway a few seasons back, then in small doses on the homefront. Now it's front and center -- on pieces big and small.

"It started as an accent color," read on


  1. Hi Ann - I'm a rug hooker who loves all things wooly who has just discovered your blog. I love the things you make from your recycled sweaters - I've signed up to follower your blog and look forward to reading about your new projects!

  2. Thank you for kind words!

    Years ago, I used to do some rug hooking - great fun! I loved doing it - and absolutely love rug hooked pieces. I still think that I may pick it up now and then - but you know how it goes....too many projects, not enough time.

    Then a few years ago, I started working with recycled wool - and I was "hooked"! :-)