Sunday, December 5, 2010

Home Again, Home Again and the One of a Kind Art Show

I was just in Chicago. During my trip, I was able to take some time and attend the One of a Kind Art Show in Chicago. My, what fun.

There are over 600 vendors who attend the show. Their incredible talents are anything from fiber art, reclaimed clothing, fine art, and pottery, to fused glass, handmade candies, and sculpture.

I attended the show by myself - which actually worked out quite well. I was able to play the part of an excited human ping-pong -bopping from side-to-side, stopping at what would catch my fancy and able to bypass those artists that my immediate attention didn't want to go.

I collected alot of business cards and flyers and can't wait to spend more time online investigating the many talented artists work online.

This is the second time I've been able to attend this event. Without playing favorites, I couldn't help but immediately determine my winner of the "favorite booth award" from me this year. It was an extremely talented glass artist - Alison's Stained Glass. Her work was so creative and well done - nearly breath taking for me. I stood looking at her pieces with my jaw in dropped position.

Below is one of her works. I have to say that the photo doesn't even begin to do the piece justice. It is so much more amazingly brilliant in person. Oh, if I had a million dollars. . . 

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