Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eddie Goes for a Ride

Remember quite some time ago I introduced you to Lucille [Lucy]? She quite the happening gal - and STILL rides in my car. Always.

Well, imagine my surprise when her fourth-cousin, Eddie, showed up the other day. As luck would have it, Eddie came into town right when I needed to make a drive to a church for an event I was attending for my "day job".  I asked Eddie if he wanted to ride along with me. He was ready before me and waiting outside for me.  Here we go.....

Are we about ready to go?

No - I'm a dude. I can do the steps all by myself.

Whew. Lots of steps back here - but I can manage.

Yikers. That's a long way down.

Wait for me....I'm coming!

[The look of full step-determination.]

Finished the steps and now coming along on the pathway. Just about there!

Yay! Finally at the van.

What are all these buttons for?

Can I help drive?

Ok, guess I'm ready to go.

Dang - do I have to wear this dumb seat belt?

No - I'm too excited - I can't stay in that seat!

What! Was that a dog?

What do I see down there?'s your feet.

Guess we have to run to the bank. Through the drive-through to cash a check.

This is awesome-cool.

La, la, la....I'm at the bank....

Cash. Sweet. Cash.

A little hungry, let's grab some hash browns and a drink from McDonald's. that morning soda.

And the hash browns - ooooo, laaa, laaa.

Thanks. I'm full now. Burp.

After the long drive, we are finally at the destination's parking lot.

Yup. I think we'll park here.

I can't go in with you? Wait in the car???

Don't worry -  the windows were cracked open to give me air.

But I'm going to miss you when your'e gone...

Happy to report the event went well - and a few short hours later, we head home. Tired.

[Skip to next morning.] [Oh, oh!]

Ummm, what's keeping you? We're ready for a ride! Hoot hoot!

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