Wednesday, April 18, 2012


For those who know me, it's no secret how much I love the Andy Griffith show. Well....actually I love the black and white Andy Griffith show. I don't think it held the same wonderful-ness after it went to color.

Of all of the absolutely fabulous episodes that I never tire of watching - the clip below is my ultimate, favorite episode of all. It's a hoot! Check it out and hear about "Horatio".


  1. I've always loved this show, too! I agree, the black and white shows were the best - so sweet and innocent, and always with an uplifting message. Thanks for the video clip!

  2. Me again :0) I just noticed you're from Wisconsin, too! I'm from the Milwaukee area. Nice to find you here on the internet!

  3. Hi Angela! I live in the northwoods of Wisconsin now (for 25 years) but was born and raised just south of LaCrosse - so we were practically neighbors! :-)