Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bursting Lilacs

This has been the earliest and warmest spring I've ever seen.

There are many good things that come with it - warm days, cozy evenings, the sweet smell of spring chives, and the multiple shades of green bursting out all over.

There are also some negative things that come with it as well - box-elder bugs, bees sneaking in the house, confusion of the plants, and early back-aches of working in the yard.

Normally blooming at the end of May, I already have lilacs starting to open their wonderful,  sweet fragrant petals. I took a quick snap of a bouquet today with the funky camera option on my new phone. I thought it was quite fun. Go ahead....scratch and sniff.


  1. This spring makes me uneasy - doesn't it you? Our trees are only half finished leafing - now here comes a freeze. What if they just all fell now and didn't grow new ones?
    Flowers have bloomed and been frozen - now they are gone for the season. And it's all WAY too early.

  2. Yes! i agree with you. Being over a month ahead is very concerning. Makes me really wonder what the summer will be like for us.