Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chirping Birds

I hesitate to even post this - because I took these photos when there was still snow on the ground - and since my lilacs are blooming already - that means that spring has more than sprung!

But...I want to share some snapshots of the little birdies I made a couple months ago. I'm happy to report that their little wings have since warmed up and are glad to be out of the chill of winter. Brrr....

Wow - you should hear them chirp now!


  1. So very interesting that you should post this today. I'm just about to begin your STITCHED workshop, and since I don't really need another pillow, I've been considering some type of wall hanging featuring................BIRDS! :)

    I think this is a sign, don't you?

  2. Without a doubt....a great sign! :-)