Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Truly Good Consignment Wool Sales


I received my first check from the shop in Minnesota that I supplied with some of my wool items earlier this fall. When you venture out into a new area/location with items, you never are quite sure how they will be received. So I was happy to see that I sold five of my items already and it's not even prime holiday shopping time yet! And, the shop owner has asked me to drop off more items anytime!  (ALWAYS great to hear!) :-)

Generally, when sales are made, it can really help you determine what type of items are most popular and where to focus more energy and time for future goods. However, this time, I sold a scarf, a pillow, a set of coasters, and two different types of pin cushions. Basically, one of each of the items that I supplied her with. The good news is that they were all well received!  The tough news is that there's not one or two things to focus on for replenishing items. Well heck, I guess all-in-all it's just darn good news!

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