Thursday, November 11, 2010

Re-Recycled Wool

Is it considered re-recycling if I have already used recycled felted wool sweaters to create new items and then donate them to someone else as a new item?

Ok, I know that doesn't really make sense - but I just thought that re-recycling sounded like a fun thing. So I guess to really re-recycle, someone would have to take one of my recycled scarves apart and make it into something totally new - like maybe a wool billfold (do people call them billfolds anymore, or are they wallets?).

Well, anyway...just wanted to share a pillow and scarf that I am able to donate to one of our patient-aid employee-donation campaigns where I work. They will go up for online bidding next week. I hope they are able to make a little money for the campaign.  (I don't like the coloring of these photos either [like some others that I posted recently]. Daylight savings time has made a mess out of my prime-daytime-natural-light-outdoor-photo-time!)


  1. Ha! No.....I only have one extra made right now - and I'm saving that one for you! :-)