Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Saturday I decided to trim my bridal wreath shrub. Uhhh...I think I got carried away.

Now I have to dig it up. I'm not in a panic though, because thank heavens I have a nice new shrub to go in it's place. I just wasn't sure that was the spot. I guess I'm sure now.

This is actually the second spot of my weekend handiwork. I also managed to dig up two other old-scraggly shrubs in my back yard as well and replaced them with a beautiful new hydrangea bush.  I'll take photos later to show you. Trust me - it's an improvement.

But, my oh my, I could sure tell that this old body is waaay out of shape! I was so stiff and sore on Sunday that I could barely bend over. Is this a sign that I should do a little more landscaping this fall before the snow falls? Or does it mean that I should just sit back and...

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